Tamalyn Dallal

Oriental Dance teacher, writer and film maker

Online Classes April, 2023

(Recordings of all classes are available to download and keep for further practice)

Monday Mornings, 7:30-8:30am CDT

"Pauses, Poses, Accents and Stillness"

What if we spoke without stopping to breath? When we dance, we need stillness. It may feel like you are holding still forever, when it has only been a fraction of a second. You may feel that the audience will be bored if you don't move all the time. To the contrary, constant movement can get boring. Stillness allows you to feel your dance and allows the audience to see more. This class will share ways to get comfortable with stillness. And you will learn to recognize stillness in the music as well as where you can be still while the music is still going. You will learn the difference between pauses, poses, accents and stillness, and how and when to use them.

$50 (April 3-24)


Tuesday Night Choreography Class

7-8:30pm CDT

"Habibi  Ya Aini" by Lebanese singer Maya Yazbek is an iconic song from 1984. It took the Arab world by storm and remains popular today.

$60 (April 4-25)

(In May, the choreography will be the Egyptian song,"Fakharouni")


Thursdays at 12:00 Noon, CDT

"All About the Song, Lamma Bada" 

Lamma Bada is one of the oldest songs that we dance to (Perhaps even 1000 years old.) It is also one of the most popular. There are hundreds of versions. we will explore rhythm, lyrics, structure of different versions of the song, movements and combos, and the songs history.

$50 April 6-27


Monday and Tuesday $90


Tuesday and Thursday Classes $90


Monday and Thursday Classes $80


Monday- Tuesday- Thursday Classes $130

Multiple Online Classes on the Datura Online site


In Person Classes, April Through May, 2023

Thursdays, 6-7pm

"Shimmer" Bellydance Basics

For all levels. 

Ongoing through May

$60 per month (Starting at the beginning of each month) or $18 drop in. 

10 classes, used within 10 weeks, $120

Location: Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center, 3800 General Taylor St., New Orleans, LA

Mondays, 8:30-9:30pm

"Shimmer" Bellydance Basics

For all levels.  

From April 17 through May

$60 per month (Starting at the beginning of each month) or $18 drop in. 

10 classes, used within 10 weeks, $120

Location: Dancing Grounds, 3705 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA

*Tamalyn will be traveling to Morocco to attend the Magrebi Dance Congress and The World Sacred Music Festival from June 1-20, so there will be no live classes in New Orleans until July 3rd.

Live workshops/shows outside of New Orleans:

Lafayette, LA 

Performing along with the Oasis Dance Co. at Festival International, Francophone music festival. Sun., April 30, at 2pm. (Free)

Lexington, KY 

June 23-25

Contact Safiya Nawar



Lafayette, LA

July 14-16

Teaching and performing along with many local artists at the "Bayou Belly" Festival



San Antonio, TX

Tamalyn will be teaching and performing at the "Go Live" Music and Dance Conference, October 6-8.

This event is the creation of renown dancer, Karen Barbee. Featuring The National Arab Orchestra, Takht Ensemble, George Lammam, and more. 

For info and registration, visit: 


Handa, Japan




Don't miss this talk, by Tamalyn Dallal 4/2/23, 2pm CDT

Worldwide, the Arab Diaspora spans parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Central and South America. Latin America has a particularly large and vibrant Arabic community. People started to arrive in the region as far back as the 1850’s building new lives in their new Central and South American homes. The cultural interactions between these Arab immigrants and the local populations have been a rich exchange with profound impact on Middle Eastern dance globally.
Tamalyn Dallal was there to experience this first hand, traveling extensively through Latin American in the 1980’s and 1990’s. During those years, she lived with and danced for the Arab diaspora communities in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras.
Through a unique blend of history, media and storytelling, Tamalyn will share some of the story of the Arab diaspora in Latin America and how it has played an influential part in the belly dance world.
In this talk you will learn:
• Where and when Middle Easterners arrived in Latin America
• The political and economic reasons for the emigration from Arab countries
• Observations of cultural exchanges and influences between Arab and Latino communities
• The cross-pollination of Arab and Latino culture in TV, music and dance.
• The emergence of a Middle Eastern dance in Latin America and its ripple effect on the global dance scene
Join Live on Zoom with Q&A
Sunday, April 2nd 12 PM PDT / 3 PM EDT
Plus 30 Days Streaming Access