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Middle Eastern Dance teacher, writer and film maker

Week Long Workshop- Dance and Culture... In New Orlean's famous Garden District! June 5-12, 2019

June 5-12 

$700 (Paid before Feb. 15)

$800 (Paid before May 1)

$900 (Paid before June 1) 

Send via Paypal to tamalyndallal@yahoo.com or use the above button

This intimate workshop is limited to six participants. Also, there are cats, so please advise if you have a cat allergy. 

Please read Alia Thabit's review of the 2016 week long workshop:


Day 1, Wed., June 5: - 2-6pmOrientation, basic technique and philosophy, films and mix and mingle...

PM: Optional dinner, restaurant TBA.

Day 2, Thurs., June 6: 

10-1, Technique.

1-2, Lunch

2-3, Lecture and discussion

3-5 TBA

PM: Optional evening activities: Dinner and live music

Day 3, Fri., June 7: 

10-1. Technique

1-2 Lunch

2-3,  Lecture and Discussion

3-4,  Guest teacher, topic TBA

4-5,  Zils and combos 

PM: (Optional) Dinner, See the town and Jazz

Day 4, Sat., June 8:

10-1, Technique 

1-2, Lunch 

2-3 Lecture and Discussion

3-4: TBA by Tamalyn

4-5: We create our own dance 

PM: There is no shortage of things to do in New Orleans on a Saturday night. 

Day 5, Sun., June 9: 

Free day to explore New Orleans

Optional daytime activity: Museum crawl: Mardi Gras, Hurricane Katrina, Back Street Museum of Treme (Learn about the Mardi Gras Indians) OR outdoors activities: Swamp walk or kayaking the backwaters of the city.

PM: (Optional) "Follow the Music"....Tamalyn will take you to her favorite Jazz clubs  

Day 6, Mon., June 10: 

10-1, Technique, Focus on hands and arms

1-2 Lunch

2-3 Lecture and discussion

3-4pm- Local Guest Instructor

4-5pm- TBA by Tamalyn

PM: (Optional) Ethnic dinner on Magazine St. You decide: Arabic, Vietnamese, or Ethiopian?

Day 7, Tues., June 11:  

10-1, Technique

1-2, Lunch

2-3 Cemetery Tour (This is a local tour of the nearby Lafayette Cemetery, highlighting the cultural significance and history of New Orleans' above ground cemeteries. It's interesting. (Not spooky)

3:30-5 Zydeco dance class (Local instructor) 

PM: (Optional) Walking a local labyrinth (Meditation)

Followed by more music and food!

Day 8, Wed., June 12

10-12: Review of all dances and techniques.  

12-2pm: Shared pot luck lunch, inviting back the local instructors and people we've met along the way. 

2-4pm Dancing, Q/A, and sharing all song names so that you can go online, search for music and support the artists.

Registration fees are non refundable unless there is a doctors not regarding health issue or unless there is a major natural disaster affecting either the Tamalyn Dallal or the home of the registree.
Please note that some of the evening events are subject to change, due to the possibility of musicians going on tour, or being open to the possibility of something even more interesting coming up.
Dinners, excursions, drinks and tips are not included in the workshop price. 
There is no performance. This workshop is about experiencing and enjoying New Orleans, and learning its unique culture while learning Oriental dance...Exploring differences and similarities between cultures that helps enrich our dance. 

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