Tamalyn Dallal

Oriental Dance teacher, writer and film maker

VISIT New Orleans! 

Immerse in dance with Tamalyn's workshops

Savor the local flavors: food, music

Interact with new people, culture and traditions.

Try new experiences!

Three day immersion in dance workshops with Tamalyn, with lots of local culture.

THREE DAYS: April 18-20, Five hours of dance classes and one hour of lecture per day.

After the workshops are over, from April 21-24 is the famous (and free) French Quarter Music Festival, if you choose to stay longer.

3 days $300

Space limited to ten participants.

*Please note that there are cats on the premises, so if you are allergic, that is a consideration.

Recommendations of where to stay: hotels or home stays forthcoming. 

Also, it is best to have access to a car, but if you don't, a homestay nearby can be arranged. 

Three Days of Workshops

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