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Middle Eastern Dance teacher, writer and film maker

New Orleans Activities


Intro to Bellydance Workshop series

Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm
August 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29

6:30-7:30pm  Slowing down and savoring the movement, plus veils  $18

7:30-7:45 Background info: 

August 1, "Why is bellydance called 'Oriental Dance' in the Middle East?"

August 8, "Surprise Guest teacher"

August 15, "What is 'Beledi' and why do we call it 'Bellydance?'"

August 22, "Bellydancing in America"

August 29, The Connection Between Asia and Africa, through the Middle East. 

(These mini lectures are Included in both classes)

7:45- 9pm "Speeding it up and following the rhythm" Shimmies, traveling steps and intro to finger cymbals $20

You can take both classes for $30, or use your class card.

Location "Pashas Palace" (Tamalyn's apartment), 1635 2nd St., New Orleans

*You can pre pay by Paypal at tamalyndallal@yahoo.com

*Please take alley meds if you are allergic to cats.

*Please send a text if you plan on attending as space is limited (206)226-3882

Class cards are $100 for 8 classes. You can pay cash, check or pre pay by Paypal at tamalyndallal@yahoo.com
You can use them for the following classes: 
*Beginners Bellydance workshop: Slow class. Fast class is one punch on the card plus $3 extra. Or you can take both classes for 2 punches on the card.
*Sunday "Wake up and Dance" is one punch on the class card. There are a total of 11 classes between May 30 and August 22. The 8 class card is valid until August 22. 

Film Showing "Zanzibar Dance, Trance and Devotion" (Documentary by Tamalyn Dallal
Monday, Aug. 13, 6-7:30pm
Zeitgeist Performing Arts Center, 1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., New Orleans

*Tamalyn will be in China, Japan and Thailand from August 29-Dec. 1 and resume classes when she is back.


The most important part of any dance form is the foundation, so that is what  Tamalyn teaches during her time home in New Orleans. 
Bellydance enthusiasts can find plenty to do around town. No reason to stop dancing.... Explore these other classes in New Orleans. Here is a guide of weekly classes and performances.

There are four teachers teaching weekly classes. One studio, and two restaurants with belly dancers on Fridays and Saturdays.


Crescent Lotus Studio, Kryss Statho; (Beginners through Advanced) www.crescent Lotus.com

Bellydance Goddess Hour by Karla Marie: http://bellydanceneworleans.blogspot.com

Jefferson/ New Orleans
Iona https://www.dancingjewel.com

Tues./ Thurs. by Amanda: http://bellydancebyamanda.vpweb.com


French Quarter, Fri.- Sat. after 10:30pm: http://www.attikineworleans.com

Uptown, Fri. Sat. 8-10 (Call first): http://jamilascafe.com


Orleans Raks, November 9-11
Featuring Raqia Hassan (Egypt) and Nourhan Sharif

Shimmy Soul, December 1-2
Featuring Yvonne Pereira- Dudley and Najmah Nour

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