Tamalyn Dallal

Middle Eastern Dance teacher, writer and film maker

Ten years of Tamalyn Dallal's Month Long Workshop in Shanghai! 
September 26- October 22, 2018


You can register through Tamalyn by sending payment via Paypal to tamalyndallal@yahoo.com

Or contact the organizer in China, Estelle Shao at 929595722@qq.com

This is the most concentrated intensive dance experience I offer. It changes peoples dance year after year....Not to mention experiencing a month in one of the worlds largest and most modern cities, and experiencing life in China for a month!  

Here is how the month goes:

Wednesdays through Sundays, five days of classes: 

10-1, Technique, combos, zils, veils, rhythms, instruments, shimmies, taksims.

1-2, Lunch 

2-3, Lecture and dance films

3-5, Performance preparation

This continues for four weeks. We culminate with a theater performance, sometimes two. At the end of the second week, I give each dancer a challenge: a song that she must create a performance to that will either enhance her skills or challenge her to do something she never thought she could do. Everyone gets a unique assignment. 

This is a once in a life time experience. Dancers come who are professional, own studios and also students. For years, I have been able to bring them together so everyone can benefit.

*The Isis Club (referring to the Ancient Egyptian Goddess) organizes this workshop. They have been a pioneer organization in China, bringing dance artists and musicians and promoting the art of Oriental dance since 2004.  

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