Tamalyn Dallal

Oriental Dance teacher, writer and film maker

The Bellydancing Kitties of Constantinople is an illustrated gift book, for children, bellydancers and people who love cats. 

Written by Tamalyn Dallal, each page is hand painted by Japanese artist Ayako Date. 

You can order the book here or buy it in person at any of Tamalyn Dallal's event appearances. 

“A delightful and novel concept, especially the details and the fact that both male and female kitties dance. I'll bet my own kitties practice when I am asleep.”

—Morocco (C.V. Dinicu)

International seminar instructor and the author of You Asked Aunt Rocky

“A tender, adorable story that takes readers on an imaginative journey filled with friendship and love. The vintage-style pictures add a fun visual flair and highlight the many humorous moments throughout the story. A fun read for all ages!” 

—Amar Gamal

International bellydance performer and instructor

 “Superb, colorful, and full of emotion. This book helps us remember that we are all beautiful and lovable with our unique look and appearance.”


Internationally renowned Turkish male bellydancer 

“This wonderful story of two kitties and the travesties they are up to keeps me wanting more. The artwork is amazing and so well presented.” 

—Denise Marino

Dance photographer

 “Delightful, and equally engaging for adults. Superb illustrations and lovable characters.”

—Sumayyah Samaha

Modern artist

Fantastique! An uplifting and beautifully illustrated story exploring the wonders of life with two kitties, Pasha and Bella, as they discover toujours l’amour.”

—Albinas, Albinas, Jehan, and Manon Prizgintas

Trinity Artist Series, New Orleans