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Oriental Dance teacher, writer and film maker

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  • "Warda" 2012
    by Tamalyn Dallal on January 31, 2012 at 8:20 AM
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    Wearing a feathered costume with belt and bra made from her brother's neck ties, Tamalyn performs "Warda". Originally re-arranged for the Turkish dancer, Asena, Tamalyn's student and friend, Alexandra brought this song back from Turkey in 2002. When invited to join the "Bellydance Superstars later that year, she requested to dance to this song. Miles Copeland bought the rights to add it to the first Supersars CD and DVD. The song, and Tamalyn Dallal became known to dancers around the world. She danced this, ten years later in Alexandras studio to thank Alexandra for sharing and to show how far reaching an act of sharing can go.

  • Caligraphy Dance in Shanghai
    by Tamalyn Dallal on January 16, 2012 at 1:26 AM
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    An example of Tamalyn's out of the box concepts for Middle Eastern dance. In the show "Seven" that she directed, participants from her month long workshop from many parts of China represented their country- Estelle Shao drew the calligraphy with her body that was projected on the backdrop. Seven dancers signed their names, as is traditional for caligraphers in China.

  • Zanzibar Dance, Trance and Devotion
    by Tamalyn Dallal on November 14, 2011 at 4:03 AM
    5477 Views - 125 Comments

    This is the first in Tamalyn's series of dance ethnology films. "Zanzibar Dance, Trance, and Devotion" was filmed during two years of regular trips to Zanzibar. It is the most comprehensive collection of Zanzibari dances existing in the world today. See the site www.danceonfilm.webs.com or www.danceonfilm.info to order a copy.

  • Rainy Day in Zanzibar
    by Tamalyn Dallal on November 14, 2011 at 3:55 AM
    4713 Views - 52 Comments

    This song was arranged by Matona and played by the Ikhwan Safaa Orchestra in Zanzibar. It combines classica (Canon in D), Zanzibari Taarab (Ni Pe Pe by the late Seif Salum)- Ni Pee Pe means "Fan me", and Arabian style taksims. The dancers in Miami are dancing in front of a film projected onto the background of the dance as it was done by Tamalyn's month long workshop class in Shanghai, China.

  • Tamalyn in Taiwan, Bashraf and more
    by Tamalyn Dallal on November 14, 2011 at 2:33 AM
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    This song, Zinjibar" is from an album by the late Seif Salum of Zanzibar's Ikhwan Safaa Musical Club. Bashraf is a style of instrumental music brought to the Arab world during the Ottomon Empire. It is usually the prelude to a vocal concert, but happens to be perfect music for dancing. This style of music was brought from Egypt to Zanzibar in the 1870's. Then Zanzibaris created their own songs in their own style. The second song "Sogonie" is by the Polish band "Dikanda". Tamalyn used this for a completely freestyle improvisational dance with no rules that adhered to no genre or style.

  • Tamalyn in Taiwan, Longa
    by Tamalyn Dallal on November 14, 2011 at 2:26 AM
    3890 Views - 23 Comments

    The first song is a "Longa," which is a style of song brought to the Arab world during the Ottoman Empire. This version is from Zanzibar, on Matona's new CD. Notice that there is "Kidumbak" (Zanzibari wedding music) drumming fused into the song. The second song is primarily a percussion solo in the Egyptian Saidi rhythm. Notice the ending, where the shy photographers run away. That was the talk of the town in Taipei.

  • Tamalyn, Live in Cairo, 2011
    by Tamalyn Dallal on November 14, 2011 at 2:14 AM
    5015 Views - 39 Comments

    Tamalyn performs the the song "Zaman Ya Hob", by Farid El Atrache. Farid El Atrache was one of the four great legendery singers of Egypt's Golden Age. This song means "Love of Yesteryear". It was sing by Farid el Atrache in one of his last films, circa 1972.

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