Tamalyn Dallal

Interpretive Middle Eastern Dancer

September 27 - October 23, 2017, you are welcome to join my month long intensive training in Shanghai (China)

For registration, contact Estelle at [email protected] 

We will explore technique, history, culture, and ourselves.

Tamalyn Dallal's Shanghai Month Long workshop has taken place every autumn since 2009.

Previous themes:

2009- "Just Dance" All about Bellydance.

2010- "Bellydance through the Ages" Tracing music and dance from Badia Masabni to the Bellydance Superstars.

2011- "Seven" An exploration of the number 7

2012- "Caravanserai" How this dance has been affected by trade routes, empires, and real life harems.

2013- "The Arts of Entertainment and Theater Dance" How they differ and how to perform and enjoy both. 

2013- "Earth and Sky" From Africa to Asia, plus the art o fentertainment and the art of theater...how they differ and where they intersect.

2014- "Water" Water is everything..Flow, Woman, and more. We explored the early history of modern dance in America, and Oriental dance in Egypt.

2015- Sharing and giving thanks. Dancing with intention to share your joy. Integrating dance as a gift to the world.

2016- "Colors" 

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