Tamalyn Dallal

Interpretive Middle Eastern Dancer

New Orleans and Surrounding Areas

Donation based community class (beginners)

Every Thursday, April and May


Part of the Health and Wellness program...But everyone is welcome.

Ashe Cultural Center, 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans 



"Dancing Our Way Home", Dance, Culture, Parties and Theater Show

Dancing Our Way Home, Dance project; Roots, Culture, Music, sharing, empowerment. 
Oriental, Tribal, beledi or fusion dancers. We all need to get back to our roots, and the roots of our dance.  

 "Dancing Our Way Home" is a novel concept in Middle Eastern dance. Tamalyn Dallal has spent much of her 40 year dance career traveling, living in Middle Eastern Asian and East African communities, while dancing, writing and film making. 

Her vision is that if the mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers of the world can dance together and drop the veils of fear that divide us, we are one step closer to peace. Southeast Louisiana is a good place to start. 


Ms. Dallal has committed herself to seven months of bringing Middle Eastern dance home to women of all ages and experience levels- from beginners through professionals... Whether you specialize in Raqs Sharqi, Tribal, Fusion, or Beledi, we can all dance together and celebrate our the roots of our multifaceted world of dance.


Here's how it works:

7 week sessions, in at least four different locations (No drop ins)

These locations rotate topics:

The first session began January 8.

Second Session began March 12 (You can join in the beginning of any session. But if you want the whole program, you need to double up on classes that you missed.) At the end of the program, Miami dancer Hanan will come, teach a workshop and show her film "Havana Habibi" in an exclusive showing for the DOWH women party. 


Third Session May 1- June 18, followed by a Women's party, Sat., June 24 

Location 1: Uptown, New Orleans

Crescent Lotus, Wed., 7:15-9:15pm, (May 3 - June 14)

The Silk Road and it’s influence on Middle Eastern dance and music 


Location 2: Vega Bellydance Studio, Ocean Springs, Ms. 

Mondays, 7-9pm, (May 1 - June 12)

 A man named Ziryab, Bagdad and Arabian Spain, plus the return of the Arabs to the Middle East through North Africa.


Location 3, Tamalyn's Place, New Orleans French Quarter 


Tuesdays, 7-9pm (May 2 - June 13)

Persian Empire and its influence on Middle Eastern dance and music 

Location 4,  Fleur De Leaf Studio, Baton Rouge, La.

Sundays, 6-8pm (March 12- April 23)

The Ottoman Empire and it’s influence on Middle Eastern dance and music 


Third 7 weeks theme for all of the areas

"The Magic of Music"

Along with continuing the practice of the six point system and the 8-0, we will explore hundreds of years of music to connect the dots between cultural routes throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa to the motherland of dance, Egypt. Every mother has unique DNA. Egypt has the cultural and physical DNA of thousands of years of trade and conquests, bringing a richness of dance and music. 



What you will learn:

*One dance from the region we are studying: Persia, Silk Road, Andalusia and the Ottoman Empire.

*We will also learn a structured improvisation dance that can be expanded to include people from the other groups when they meet. (Each group will learn the same one).

Classes are 2 hours long, so we can dance a minimum of 1.5 hours and have discussions as well.

*Each group has an active FB group page where notes, music and info are shared weekly. 


At the end of seven weeks, the four groups will join together in the New Orleans area for a traditional women's party in which we will perform for each other, share foods from the regions we are studying, and feel free to dance socially.



FOURTH SESSION; JUNE 19 TO AUGUST 6, followed by a theater show on Aug. 12


Location 1 (Crescent Lotus); A man named Ziryab, Bagdad and Arabian Spain, plus the return of the Arabs to the Middle East through North Africa. 


Location 2 (Ocean Springs, Ms.); The Persian Empire and its influence on Middle Eastern Dance and Music. 


Location 3 (New Orleans, Tamalyn's Place, FQ); The Ottoman Empire and it’s influence on Middle Eastern dance and music


Location 4 Fleur De Leaf Studio, Baton Rouge); The Silk Road and it’s influence on Middle Eastern dance and music 

At the end of this series, (2nd week of August) we will do a theater show, showing the four routes and how they intersect. 


In order to be part of the show, you need to complete all four sections. Those who have only taken part can help with the show production. If someone started the program at the second go round, they can double up and take two classes simultaneously. Same if they started the third time around. Starting the 4th time around, they could be in the show, but that would mean taking all four segments at the same time, or being a production person. 

This show will have eight group pieces, plus each of the facilitators will do a solo in the style of Middle Eastern dance they choose (Beledi, Oriental, Fusion, Tribal, etc.)

Extra rehearsals (free of charge, unless we need to rent rehearsal space) will be needed for those in the show.


Cost: $210 for each 7 week segment. If someone signs up for all four segments, it will be $800, and they will receive a T shirt and bag of “Dancing Our Way Home” 


*Registration and payment are on the "Contacts" page.